First Time Experience

First Visit Experience

Brief Paperwork

After entering our office, we have some initial paperwork for you to fill out. The printed material gives us information about yourself and your condition. Ellensburg Chiropractic offers our New Patient Paperwork online so it can be completed in the accommodation of your own home or office before coming to your first visit.



Once the printed material has been finished, you will have a counsel with one of our chiropractors to talk about your well-being related issues, what problem areas you are dealing with, worries, and additionally our future suggestions.


History and Examination

With a specific end goal to figure out what your genuine issue is, the chiropractor will pose different inquiries identified with your well-being. Next, various particular tests will be performed to figure out which parts of your spine and sensory system are influenced.



Your particular condition may oblige us to take x-rays to either discount a genuine condition or help us in building up the best treatment plan for you.


Home Instructions

Before leaving, patients will be given directions on specific exercises or methodology to be led at home. This may incorporate ice or warmth application directions, evasion of specific exercises or positions, and in addition home activities and additionally extends.


Plan Your Next Appointment

You will be given a helpful arrangement time for your next visit.  Future proposals and visits will be talked about during this time.